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3 Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make In Marketing

Marketing is very complex and it is always changing. As time goes on people will continue to be immune to different marketing strategies businesses have and it will be even harder to catch their attention. Check out common mistakes made in marketing as we try to make it easier for you to catch your target market’s attention.

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How to Define Your Brand

When defining your brand, you need to decide what your company represents, and its purpose. You also want to decide what are the most important parts of your company, what separates your company from others, and how you plan on communicating with your audience.

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Keys to Building a Solid Brand

A brand is more than an organization, logo, or even what customers. It’s how companies are perceived. “Brand” means different things to different people but branding boils includes  everything about a company, because it all contributes to the interactions customers experience.

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