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We are marketing experts and study marketing everyday. Any questions you have about marekting, ask. Type your question(s) below and we will answer. 


How important is a brand for your business?

Without a brand your business doesn’t have a purpose.  Branding is behind the decisions your company makes and actions that it takes.

Do I need to be on social media?

Yes! But decide what platform your business is going to be on by looking at your business goals and target market. 

How important is a website

When potential customers want to know more about your company, Google is the first place they’ll go, which will likely lead them to your website. So your website is vital, because it is the first impression on your audience. And as we know, first impressions are very important.

Should i have a target customer?

Yes! You should try to know as much as you can about your target customer. It is like trying to convince your closet family member or friend to do a favor. You know when, where, and how to ask them. You should be able to do your target customers the same way. You won’t have to waste advertising dollars on people who would never buy. 

What are the most common mistakes made on social media?

Posting too much, posting boring and pointless post, and having too many hashtags.

How can I bring in more customers through advertising?

One of the most effective ways marketers advertise is through re-targeting. Re-targeting is when you create content like blogs or e-books for people to download. They either go to your website for the blogs or give you their email to recieve the e-books. Then you target them with ads all over the internet using “cookies”. This helps you find relevant leads who are more likely to buy from you.  

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